Designer. Founder. Happy.
I take risk for what I believe in.

I went from living in refugee camps as a teenager, getting unfairly deported twice, to building small teams of super talented creatives, working together on ideas we want to see in the world. 5 world-class companies, fully independent and self-funded.

All done remotely while traveling between countries, with no permanent residency.  

What I do:

I started my career as an interface designer, working remotely with startups in Silicon Valley right after high school. I started 3drops in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010, and grew it to become of the worlds top software design agencies. 3drops works with governments, enterprises and startups globally to design a better future. Most notably, we designed the new visa system that runs the traveling today for over 65 governments.

Along the way, we stumbled upon a few challenges of our own, so we started our own startup studio to solve them. It’s called OFC. We turn time tested processes into products to deliver better outcomes for our customers faster. We make Roadmap, Slim and Sincere. For companies like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Robinhood, Microsoft and more.

Through my experience in the past decade running 3drops and OFC, I realized a need for a third company. Inen. A new venture studio that bridges the gap between Enterprises and startups. Inen creates new joint ventures with enterprises to build new innovative startups.

I also recently co-founded a new creative growth agency called Compliment. We realize brands dreams of overnight success through creative influencer marketing on social media and we help influencers build their own brands and become tomorrow’s leaders.

How it started:

It's always a challenge to write about yourself. You are so many things but yet only defined by a few. Here are the 3 things that shape who I am today and influence everything I do.

Born in Iran. Raised in Sweden. Currently stateless. Why am I stateless? A miss in the system. An error. That happened twice. I was wrongfully deported from Sweden twice. You can get up to speed by reading this post. Simply put, the immigration system is broken and I’m a living example of it. They made a mistake. Twice. And I’m the one paying for it. While the governments face no consequences. Something I hope I can bring more transparency to in my lifetime.

I never had any job other than running my own companies and I didn’t go to university. This is the second one. It wasn’t a choice of mine though. As a refugee in Sweden, you couldn’t work or continue your studies in university. A Swedish ID is needed. So instead, I started 3drops while I was still in the refugee camp. Everything I do, I learned by doing. And since I never had anything to lose, I have a different mindset to failure than most people.

A joyful passion for design since my early days. Design is the lens I see the world through. With a dream of living in a world that I helped to shape, design is most valuable tool I have to express my vision for a better life.

How I build:

Every idea/experiment/company I start needs to be:

➀ remote.
➁ simple.
➂ small.

That means the idea is not limited by location. The idea is simple enough to start on our own without any outside funding and we can bootstrap it with a small full time team.

Each idea/experiment/company starts with one full time member. We turn ideas into companies within 6 months. That includes design, development, building a team and bringing the solutions to the market. The first 3 month is spent on shaping the idea while the next 3 is spent on testing and adjusting the shape.

All companies are ran independently by small teams of less than 6 members, working towards clear visions with timelines, and all members are contributing to the same handbook to evolve our processes together.

Hope this was an interesting read for you.
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